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About Darjeeling, West Bengal

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Darjeeling, one of the most famous hill stations of India; is located in the state of West Bengal. The Darjeeling town is located at an elevation of about 6710 feet. Darjeeling is situated on the Shiwalik Hills, which forms the lower range of the Himalayan Mountains. The word Darjeeling has come from Tibetan word, meaning a place of thunderbolt. According to Hindu myths, Indra’s scepter was dropped at the observatory hill in Darjeeling.

The geographical location of Darjeeling is 88 degree 53 min to 87 degree 59 min East longitude and 27 degree 13 min to 26 degree 27 min North latitude. The town of Darjeeling acts as the headquarter of the Darjeeling District. Darjeeling extends for an approximate area of 3,149 sq km.


Numerous travelers from all over the world visit this hill station. This tourist destination has been considered as a World Heritage Site. This hill station was developed during the colonial rule of the British in India. Darjeeling, the beautiful hill station of West Bengal, India is world famous for tea production. Another major attraction of Darjeeling is the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

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