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Tourist Attractions near Ooty

Ooty is a great & fantastic place with some of the great places one cannot afford miss:

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

This is an exotic garden with a marvelous collection of beautiful & unique trees, flowers & plantations. Rare tree species like the cork tree which is probably the only such tree in India, the paper bark tree and the monkey puzzle tree - monkeys cannot climb this tree, a 20 million year old fossilized tree, an Italian-style garden bordering a clear pool, a vast variety of flowering bushes and plants in myriad hues both exotic and ornamental, fern house with a vast range of ferns and orchids, are some of the many highlights of this garden. This garden has been extremely well-maintained by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu over the years and has a fantastic variety of plantations including roses, imported shrubs and magnificent tulips.

Ooty Lake


A famous irregularly ‘L’ shaped, 2-kilometer lake with varying distances in width is most enjoyed by the tourist in the month of May, during the summer seasons when the boat pageantry are organized to which massive crowds are attracted. This lake throws a magnetic charm on the tourists that makes it a hub for entertainment for the visitors. There is a deer park adjacent to the lake for children and a well-laid footpath encircling the lake double the lake beauty.

Rose Garden

A charming park with over 1000 varieties of roses makes this place a heaven. The magical aura, soothing colors and a seducing perfumed environment at this place makes it a truly romantic spot. A nearby amusement park & snack bars makes are a great picnic spot and a right place for spending a fun-filled and an enjoyable day both during summers & winters when there are variety of beautiful seasonal flowers & plantations to be enjoyed.

Rose Garden
Pykara Falls

Pykara Falls

These breathtaking, magical & majestic falls are located 19 km. from Ooty. They can be enjoyed most in the months of July to December. The main attractions apart from the falls here is the undistributed grassy meadows and also a good wildlife habitat.

Hindustan Photo Film

This is one of the major industrial establishments in Ooty spread over 300 acres. This industrial unit is currently producing Indu roll films which are used for taking photographs, Indu X-ray films, the quality of which is acknowledged to be amongst the best in the world, Indu bromide paper on which photographs are printed, Induaerographic for geological and defense mapping, Industrial X - ray film, Laser recording film, CAT film, Special film for space photography, Oscilloscope direct print paper, Photo typesetting paper and range of chemicals for the film processing. It is also said that a major raw material for the film industry especially the film rolls that are used to record a movie are primarily supplied by this unit all across the nation.

Radio Astronomy Center

Radio Astronomy Center

This is a part of National Center for Radio Astrophysics of the acclaimed Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. It is situated in Udhagamandalam and is engulfed with magnificent surroundings and photogenic landscaped which makes this center a best place to work in the whole world.

Ooty Tribe

Tribal Research Center

This research center in Ooty is a major attraction for the tourists who want any sort of information regarding welfare of the tribal community in this part of the world. This center is also known as 'Tribal Essential Institute' for the actions and its objectives towards welfare of the 36 Scheduled Tribes of Tamil Nadu. The center acts as an integral part in the planned development of the tribes and is focusing its efforts more on Nilgiris district because all the six Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs) identified by the Government of India like Todas, kotas, Irulas, Kurumbas, Paniyans and Kattunayakans are exclusive inhabiting since ages in Nilgiri hills. Apart fom that the Tribal Research Center also is a repository of informative books on Tribes in Ooty and is equipped with a Audio-video system to entertain tribal festivals and tradition of dance and song.


The other fantastic places worth visiting in Ooty include Madhumlai Wildlife Sanctuaries which is a rich collection of Flora ‘n’ Fauna and most talked-about place amongst wildlife enthusiasts. Kotagiri which has a very friendly & salubrious climate where one can enjoy a pleasure ride along with picturesque views of tea beds on the either side. Coonoor, the second largest hill station in Ooty and a major source of revenue from the tourists for its magical magnetism, Murthi Peak & Murthi National Park, Avalanche and Masinagudi which is famous for elephants that can be seen in groups and families boldly strolling around.

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