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Tourist Attractions near Varanasi


Places of Interest in Varanasi

There are a number of places to visit at Varanasi. There are so many ancient temples in this holy city and they are visited by a number of people from India and abroad. Many of the temples had been constructed by the river front. Around 2000 temples have been set up in Varanasi. The temple of Lord Shiva known as the Kashi Viswanath Temple is one of the major attractions to tourists. Some of the temples that tourists may visit are:

Durja Temple

Some other attractions located in Varanasi:

Buddhist Stupas

The river ghats in Varanasi are the major attractions for tourists and devotees. The river fronts of Varanasi are visited by innumerable pilgrims and tourists every year. Many foreigners come to India to visit the river ghats of Varanasi. The devotees coming from different parts of India only to take a holy dip in the river water. In Varanasi there are about 100 or more river fronts. Many Hindu legends and myths are associated with the name of the ghats. Some of the most popular and holy ghats or river fronts of Varanasi are:

Dasahwamedha Ghat

Tourist Attractions near Varanasi

Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary> This wildlife sanctuary extends for an area of 500 sq km. The Mukha waterfall is one of the main attractions of this sanctuary. Many species of wildlife can be seen here. It is located 130 km away from Varanasi.


Vindyachal> From Varanasi, the distance of this temple is about 75 km. This temple of Kalikhoh, Ashtabhuja Devi and Vindyhavasini Devi attract numerous devotees.

Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary

Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary> It is a lush green forest area located 70 km away from Varanasi.


Chunar> It is located at about 40 km from Varanasi. This place situated by river Ganga is historically important. An ancient fort is the main attraction of Chunar.

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