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Tourist Attractions in Kaziranga National Park

One-horned Rhinoceros

One-horned Rhinoceros

One big attraction of this park is the “One-horned Rhinoceros”. This species is so special that it is given the name of “Great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros” for its distinct features & mammoth built close to that of an elephant. It is 03 times larger in size than the normal Rhinoceros and has a well-developed upper lip which helps him to feed on elephant grass easily.

Rhinoceros are vegetarian species and they mostly live on fresh grass, leaves, fruits etc. The weight of an Indian Rhino is approximately 2,000 kg who generally like to roam around in the morning & evening hours to avoid the heat of the day and their average life is near about 40 years.

Coffee and Rubber Plantations

Coffee & Rubber Plantations

As some entertaining activities, tourists can visit the sprawling coffee & rubber plantations of the nearby Karbi Anglong for which Assam is famous. One can meet the Karbi villages and meet the Karbi people to know their lifestyle and how they earn their living by working in the tea gardens which are famous for supplying tea all across India.

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There are attractive packages which can be availed by the tourists at economical rates. These packages are designed for maximum thrill, enjoyment and a marvelous comprehensive experience of Kaziranga. The packages vary in different seasons and can be customized under conditions. One can have an enjoyable & memorable experience of Kaziranga through trips by Elephant & Jeep. These are the available & most enjoyable modes of transportation in the park interiors. On an elephant’s back, one can have a comfortable ride even in the most difficult terrains where the jeep cannot reach.

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People consider elephant as a natural vehicle which can go close to the wild animals and has no engine or tyres. The jeep safaris can be availed in the packages that are offered by the hotels & resorts in Kaziranga. It is always recommended to the visitors that the jeeps are booked well in advance to avoid any last minute inconvenience.

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